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Richard Smith, PhD
Dr. Richard Smith has spent the last decade researching and developing algorithms and services that give individual investors the tools they need to succeed while remaining in their personal investing comfort zone.

Now he's applying his background in mathematical theories of risk and uncertainty to help individual investors master the volatile world of crypto-investing.
Courtney Jones
Courtney Jones is an Internet search engine pioneer who founded Findwhat.com, the world’s first publicly traded Internet company on the NASDAQ to ever post a profit. Courtney has been an early adopter of cryptocurrencies since forking the Litecoin in 2014.

He is currently developing revolutionary new use cases for the blockchain.

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A little over a decade ago, Dr. Richard Smith created a solution that allowed individual investors to participate in the financial market through proper portfolio and risk management. But what is unfolding today with Crypto is a revolutionary new asset class poised to disrupt the way we think about investing and currency altogether. It is also an opportunity of a lifetime to generate incredible new wealth.

 Dr. Smith’s amazing Time Cycles have accurately predicted the rise and fall of some of the top crypto currency prices. Check out the Time Cycle for Bitcoin that was predicted by Dr. Smith nearly a year ago: 

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The reality of scams and frauds in the crypto world is one of the reasons we believe regulation is key for cryptoassets.
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